Look underneath most decks and you’ll see a weak link. Your decking and railing is engineered to last 25 years or more. So, why are you using wood framing? Choose Evolution steel deck framing. It's a smarter galvanized steel system designed by deck builders. The interlocking joist and ledger system lets you build sturdy, safe decks. Our powder-coated finish provides increased corrosion resistance and a more finished look.


  • The 1st complete steel stair system in deck framing
  • Carries a 25-year limited manufacturer warranty
    Compatible with any type of deck framing, even wood!
  • Works with any type or brand of decking, including composite, PVC, aluminum, tile, wood and tropical hardwoods
  • Designed for low-maintenance, durability, ease of installation and safety
  • A noncombustible material, resistant to fire and invulnerable to rotting, warping, splitting and pesky insect damage
  • Cuts down on the number of stair stringers required. Instead of spacing 10”, 12” or 16” on-center, Evolution’s innovative tray allows you to span 48” between stringers
  • Includes 3 different Rise/Run bracket options: 7”/11”, 7-3/4”/11” and a fully Adjustable Stair Bracket


Historically, fortresses were built to protect. The same is true of Fortress Building Products. You can expect coverage the second you decide to embark on your journey with us. We cover our products and the people who buy them. At Fortress, we don’t just stand behind our work ... we stand by your side.


Eliminate time and headaches with this innovative solution. The steel stair system components and brackets work with Evolution joist and beams to provide quick, easy assembly, dramatically decreasing installation time! The stair system's Black Sand powder coat delivers an aesthetically pleasing modern look on its own. Or, use it with fascia/trim for a more traditional look.