Building, Pool & Spa codes get updated every 3 years. Our Massachusetts license requires re certification every two years to be brought up to date on current deck building and pool codes. There have been major changes in deck building and pool building codes to protect the public from serious injury or death. 

Training & Education

  • Manufacturers Training
  • Code Compliance
  • Permitting
  • Continuing Education

Daydream Construction we have been consistently keeping up with the training and education for the services we provide.

Construction methods and procedures are constantly changing. Advances in materials and equipment have vastly changed how and why projects get completed.

With these changes comes manufacturers training, new environmental and building codes, and the permitting process in general. 

Manufacturers Training has a direct impact on our employee's productivity and performance. Training gives employees a better understanding of their responsibilities and the knowledge and skills they need to do the job. This will improve their confidence which can positively impact performance.